Scary Stories


E26 – Flying Humanoids

In this episode the MPI team talks about mysterious cases of flying humanoids.  From the Mothman of Point Pleasant, to the slate of sighting’s in the Chicago area and wrapping up with some sightings in the Houston area there’s obviously something about the phenomena.  Mike also tells a personal experience…


E24 – Haunted Aircraft

In this episode the MPI team talks Haunted Airplanes.  From the infamous haunted flight 401 that crashed into a Florida swamp in 1972 and numerous parts were salvaged for other aircraft that have mysterious events that now happen.  To a haunted WWII bomber that many have claimed to witness paranormal…


E23 – Project Rabbit Hole – Interview with Author Al Tyas

In this episode the MPI team talks with Author Al Tyas about his recent book Project Rabbit Hole.  We start from the beginning about what got him into the paranormal and how he evolved from investigating up to ultimately writing this book.  He uses his personal experiences as a retired…