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A Little About MPI

Military Paranormal Investigations was officially formed February 12, 2008. Although we did not have a name set in stone until the 26th, we still knew a direction we wanted to grow in. Each member had personal paranormal experiences prior to meeting one another and wanted answers to questions. Some members had investigated together before and some members were doing it on their own, but was looking for a group

We seen an opportunity to form a group like no other. We have the ability to research or can have access to military installations easier than any other paranormal research groups. Some form of military history can be traced back to the days of when our nation was first formed. Who would have better access to the research than military members?

Most paranormal researchers and investigators claim battlefields and military installations are rich in paranormal activity. We wanted to form a group that looks into the possibility of these claims. We did not want to be labeled as "ghost hunters" simply because that is not what we wanted our organization to be about. Instead we wanted to form a group of skeptics, which use science-based research to advance our understanding of uncharacteristic and mysterious paranormal events and activity using state-of-the-art-equipment and investigative techniques. Even though military installations (past and present) are our forte, we will research or investigate anywhere people claim to have or seen paranormal activity. We do not want to be in the same category as some groups that go out with a camera or digital voice recorder for fun. To accomplish this we needed a name that would stand for professionalism.

We wanted a way to show in our name and to the public just how serious we are about our research and investigations into the paranormal phenomenon. All branches of the military stand for professionalism, so we brainstormed the “Military Paranormal Investigations” name, however, we stress we are not affiliated to any branch of the military. We are military members serving our country, hence the "Military" in MPI, with the rest being self explanatory.  Our members consist of active duty and dependents, but our membership is open to retired military members and/or friends of a current member as well. The military trained us to be professionals; we use our experience and training in the different career fields and apply that knowledge towards the MPI research and/or investigative techniques.

With the diversity group of members we have, MPI is starting to go in the direction we envision. As with any new un-established group, it was hard to get our name out there as a reputable organization. Our first planned research and training investigation location didn't go through like we planned as the owner cancelled on us. It was a blessing in disguise; we opted to investigate two smaller locations instead, giving us some good experience and methods on how to gather evidence as a group.

We are a NON-PROFIT organization, and we have received our certificate of formation with the secretary of state in accordance with the Texas Business Organizations Code. We do not charge for any service we render, but we will accept donations for gas, equipment supplies, and any other expenses related to a research project or investigation.  Funding of MPI is made possible through individual member support (dues and donations), and MPI fund raising events. MPI plans to apply for grants once our tax-exempt status has been granted. Also, any donations provided to MPI cannot be tax deductible yet as we haven't our 501(c) 3 non-profit/tax-exempt status.

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