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Military Paranormal

MPIR-Possible Paranormal Locations-E9

In this episode we discuss a few locations that could have paranormal activity. We pre-recorded an interview with one of our newest members, which gave us the idea for the topic of this show. During her interview she talks about what got her interested in the paranormal and some of the stories…


MPIR-Moon Conspiracy and The Dark Side-E8

Our latest episode was on a suggestion from a listener (thanks Scott). What’s up with the moon and all the conspiracy about it? Once again we get way into our show, this episode has everything that Mike has been waiting to talk about (UFO and aliens). We hope you enjoy…

Military Paranormal

MPIR-Paranormal Classifications-E4

Our 4th episode is finally here. In this show we take the suggestion from a listener and discuss the different classifications of paranormal. We talk about ghost/spirits, extraterrestrials and UFOs, extrasensory perception, and finally cryptozoology. Now during the show we do say we’ll play some EVPs, but we got so…