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Is This a Possible Ghostly Interaction?

Is this a Ghost?

Is this a Possible Ghostly Interaction?  During an investigation, Military Paranormal Investigations (MPI)  captured what they feel is a possible ghostly interaction.  In the footage in question, something appears to interact with the team members during an investigative session. 

The investigation

During the session, the team requested to depart the investigation area immediately, and during the immediate debrief they reported unsettling events. 

It was stated that at a point in time they felt uncomfortable and heavy as if something was crowding them. They tried to reposition and immediately two of the members started having an emotional response. This included uncontrollable tears and feelings of sadness.  At this time one member was extremely uncomfortable and requested that the exit and they left the session and went to debrief.

OPS, the investigation command center, did not observe the event in real time. They only caught this during the review process, where the review team scrutinized the video after the intense response stated by the investigation team.  The due diligence used for the review paid off. 

The Review

Upon review, they found the anomaly in the attached video.  At first, they noticed something off about the moment the team becomes uncomfortable.  Altering the video by applying different filters, the review team believes they caught the possible ghostly interaction. 

It appears to cross the upper portion of the screen and then drop down towards the team.  The attached video shows the footage in many different exposures. Along with the enhanced versions, the original footage is included and shows the anomaly as well.  

What do you think? Is this a possible ghostly interaction? 


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