You are currently viewing Cryptid Campfire Discussion – E27

Cryptid Campfire Discussion – E27

Cryptid Campfire Discussion with the MPI team.

Did a recent cryptid investigation of claims of bigfoot sightings yield more questions into the search for the elusive creature?  The team has a Cryptid Campfire Discussion and hits record as they talk around the fire and go over the day’s events and the possibility of the existence of bigfoot.

A previous recon of the location came up with some interesting castings of a track way.  During this multi-day investigation, the team discovered more tracks further from the public areas, but what was so interesting about the tracks?

The tracks were similar in size, shape and stride to the ones found earlier at the location.  This time the weather was near freezing and were later discovered to be similar to tracks found years ago at the same location.

Follow along as the guys discuss their adventure and stay tuned for more!

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