Episode 10 – Near Death Experience or Out of Body Experience

Episode 10 – Near Death Experience or Out of Body Experience

We would like to apologize to our loyal listeners as we had to take an unexpected hiatus. MPIR will once again start recording shows. Here is one that we’ve been talking about doing for a while. We also added video to this one as well… so if you want to check out our ugly mugs, we will be putting this on our You Tube channel. We will put the link up once it’s uploaded (https://youtu.be/lwg58Z2hZtU). As always thanks for listening and if you want to contact us, please email us radioshow@militaryparanormal.com. If you did email us and we didn’t back to you, we apologize as most of our mail was going to spam (I set the settings too high when I set it up…..sorry Patricia from NC, hope you’re safe from the hurricane and contact us back)



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