What is the State of the Paranormal Field Today? – E28

What is the State of the Paranormal Field Today? – E28

What is the State of the Paranormal Field Today? 

What is the state of the paranormal field today?  Studies show that 75% of people in the US believe in some sort of paranormal topic and nearly 50% believe in ghosts or supernatural phenomena.  In fact, nearly a quarter of the population believe they have seen a ghost. However, even with this data, why is it that on the surface, people still label the field as taboo.  

In this Episode the team does a quick banter session on what the state of the paranormal field is and what their thoughts are on the subject.   Is it getting too weird, is it the stereotypes? All the way to the image projected by popular television shows, fake news and stories and the lack of repositories to share date for research, it’s all out on the table.  So, what is the state of the paranormal field today?  Send a comment or contact MPI at one of the methods below to share your thoughts!

The team is also testing some portable interview equipment and asks listeners to give feedback on the quality of the audio. They are currently in the process of planning and creating new content.  This system was set up for on site or no notice interviews.  Please send them some feedback! 

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Follow along as the guys discuss their opinions and stay tuned for more!

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