Episode 22 – Happy Halloween 2019

In this episode the MPI team talks about their recent investigation and their experiences there.  Then the crew moves onto talk of their favorite Halloween movies and why they influenced them. They talk of costumes while growing up, campfire tales and paranormal discussion. The crew now has an Instagram! Follow…


Episode 19 – Tales of the Paranormal – Mike’s Stories – Special Halloween Show

Leading up to Halloween we thought we would set the mood with some of our members telling the most scary or memorable moments that have happened to them while on an investigation. In this episode Mike elaborates on some of his most profound and hair-raising experiences. We’ve attached some of…

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Episode 17 – Area 51

In this episode we discuss the history of Area 51, what actually goes on there, and then the modern hype and conspiracies that go along with it.    If you have a story you would like to share, contact us at podcast@militaryparanormal.com.    


EPISODE 9 – Skinwalker Ranch and the Suicide Forest

In this episode we discuss a few locations that could have paranormal activity. We pre-recorded an interview with one of our newest members, which gave us the idea for the topic of this show. During her interview she talks about what got her interested in the paranormal and some of the stories…


EPISODE 7 – Crystal Skulls

Here is our 7th Episode as we continue our discussion from the last show. Mike brings in the topic of Crystal Skulls as we discuss several known skulls and what some of the paranormal mysteries are surrounding the skulls. As always we look forward to your comments and if you…