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Changing the Paranormal Perspective

Experts and polls suggest that 3 out of 4 people have some sort of paranormal belief.  Have you ever had a paranormal occurrence?  But when you hit that big google button, it just got a little too weird…

We at MPI look at all areas of paranormal occurrence.  We investigate to accumulate data,  analyze what we obtain, verify with as much validity as possible and document the results.  

We use our experience, professionalism, training and attention to detail we obtained during our time in the military to keep the investigation grounded and out of the fringe.  

Our goal is to bring you along as we journey to investigate the unknown, all while sharing other people’s stories, educating and entertaining.  

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They are an amazing group. they researched everything about my home from the 1800 till today. They are going above and beyond to help me and my family. If you need paranormal help. this is the group you want and need.
Vickie T.
I have been looking for a paranormal/ conspiracy theories podcast, and yours is hands down the best. You do sound like you've done good research on the subjects. Keep up the good work!
Podcast Listener